eTrusted: many experts under one roof

Trusted Shops has rapidly developed into the leading trust brand in Europe. Apart from its core business including the trustmark and the review system, new areas have constantly increased in importance. Among them are our legal expertise and our transactional feedback solutions for large players operating beyond the limits of conventional e-commerce. eTrusted is now the umbrella brand, including three business areas: Trusted Shops, Trusted Enterprise and Trusted Experts.

Safe shopping & successful selling

Products and services are increasingly offered and purchased online. When shopping online, the most important factor for customers is simple, yet guaranteed security. Online retailers want to sell their products successfully by showing how trustworthy they are. What both sides therefore need is a trustworthy partner certifying online shops, giving comprehensive advice and support, and offering a reliable guarantee.

We are the leading community for safe online shopping in Europe. No other provider offers so many benefits to online retailers and shoppers alike: more trustworthiness, service, and ideas from one single source. We are proven experts in e-commerce and we have a vision to develop this sector further by going beyond borders; embracing the fields of law, technology and marketing; offering easy-to-understand standards and tailor-made consultancy as well as an independent certification for an effective guarantee.

Dr. Bastian Kolmsee
“Whether we use our desktop at home or our smartphone, we all shop online. Trusted Shops is there to always ensure security and comfort in online shopping.”
Dr. Bastian Kolmsee, Head of the Consumer Business Unit

Trusted Enterprise

The feedback solution for large players

To lead a company to success, it is essential to feel the pulse of the brand. For this reason, feedback needs to be collected and analysed at as many touchpoints as possible. That’s where Trusted Enterprise comes into play: by offering a cloud-based platform to automatically collect transactional feedback. Our customisable and high-performant Trusted Sensors can be integrated into the existing processes to collect authentic feedback at defined touchpoints.

Brand awareness alone is no longer a guarantee for success. Trust is increasingly important. Trust is the result of companies listening to their customers, employees and partners and responding to their ever-changing needs. Therefore, it is essential for large companies to be able to collect feedback in a flexible way. As a SaaS provider, an expert, and a cross-industry partner, Trusted Enterprise is there to help big players collect usable insights automatically.

Dietmar Giese
“We help companies see themselves through their customers’ eyes so that they can plan targeted marketing campaigns, get consumer insights, or automate their processes.”
Dietmar Giese, Head of Trusted Enterprise

Trusted Experts

The legal experts in e-commerce

A prerequisite for trust lies in all the pages of an online shop being in line with the applicable law. In the face of a complex and ever-changing jurisprudence, our Trusted Experts team made up of legal experts specialising in (international) e-commerce law is there to make sure that online retailers can focus on their core competencies.

Small online shops and large companies alike need protection from legal attacks like the “Abmahnungen”. Trusted Experts offers the right solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. It helps online retailers with the creation of legal texts like the GTC and by offering them representation in case of disputes and individual legal support. In Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Dr. Carsten Foehlisch
“Companies must be able to focus on their core competencies. We have been on their side for 15 years by closely following legal changes at international level, while keeping legal warnings at a distance.”
Dr. Carsten Föhlisch, Head of Trusted Experts